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With years of experience and expertise in Salesforce implementation, customization, and support, we are the trusted partner of many organizations across various industries. Our goal is to help you achieve your business objectives, improve your processes, and optimize your Salesforce investment.

We are committed to delivering high-quality services and exceptional customer satisfaction. Our team of certified Salesforce Professionals has a deep understanding of the platform and will work with you to find the right solution for your business.

Salesforce Consulting Services: Empowering Businesses with CRM Excellence

Customer relationship management (CRM) is pivotal in driving business growth and success in the digital age. Salesforce has emerged as a leading CRM platform, enabling businesses to streamline their sales, marketing, and customer service processes. However, companies often require expert guidance and support to leverage the potential of Salesforce and achieve CRM excellence fully. Enterlogix offers comprehensive Salesforce Consulting Services designed to help businesses maximize the value of their Salesforce investment. Let’s delve into what Salesforce Consulting Services entail, how companies can benefit from them, and the key features that make them invaluable.

What are Salesforce Consulting Services?

Salesforce Consulting Services involve strategic guidance, implementation support, and ongoing optimization of Salesforce solutions. It encompasses a range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses across industries, ensuring successful Salesforce implementation and driving CRM excellence.




Salesforce Services

Our experienced and committed business business professionals-from consultants, business analysts, and project managers to system architects, application developers, and data modelers, as well as trainers and on-call support personnel-become an integral component of your project team.

Advanced Admin

Building new fields, reports, installing new apps, training, support, Flows, etc. Once your system is live, we want to ensure your continued success. Our support services include system maintenance and optimization, system upgrades, and call center support.


Lightning Web Components (LWC), APEX, ETL, Visualforce, Aurora Components. Our team of Salesforce Application Architects and System Integration Architects will get to work performing a series of carefully planned and coordinated activities that are essential to providing your business with a successful solution.


Our Salesforce Sales, Service, Financial, and Field Service Cloud Consutants will accomplish full scope implementation: Analysis, development, testing, deploying, and support. Most businesses can improve their overall efficiency (and profitability) if they analyze their existing processes, identify gaps and shortfalls, and implement improvements.


Deep dive analysis into the legacy process to determine a clear plan of action. During this process, we set out to improve the process so that past mistakes don't get brought over to the target system. This includes, but not limited to: Business Processes, Data, Metadata, and Lightning migrations


We make sure test code not only passes technically, but we work with the business users to check all the use cases to make sure everything that we expect happens through our thorough testing process.


We do both business and technical audits to make sure everyone is aligned with the current process. During this time, we make sure to bring clear and non biased opinions of recommendations of risks and improvements currently in the system.

How are Businesses Using Salesforce Consulting Services?

Implementation and Customization: Salesforce Consulting Services assist businesses in implementing and customizing Salesforce solutions. Consultants work closely with organizations to understand their unique requirements and configure Salesforce to align with their business processes.

Process Optimization: Salesforce Consulting Services helps businesses optimize their processes by leveraging the capabilities of Salesforce. Consultants analyze existing workflows, identify bottlenecks, and recommend improvements to streamline operations. By aligning

Data Migration and Integration: Migrating existing data to Salesforce and integrating Salesforce with other systems is complex. Salesforce Consulting Services provides businesses with expertise in data migration and integration strategies. Consultants ensure a seamless data transfer from legacy systems, third-party applications, or spreadsheets to Salesforce.

Training and Adoption: Successful Salesforce adoption requires proper training and change management. Salesforce Consulting Services offers comprehensive training programs to educate users on Salesforce features, functionalities, and best practices. Consultants facilitate user adoption by providing ongoing support, addressing queries, and promoting user engagement.

Continuous Optimization and Support: Salesforce Consulting Services provide businesses with constant optimization and support for their Salesforce implementation. Consultants monitor system performance, identify areas for improvement, and implement enhancements to ensure the solution evolves with the changing needs of the business.

Key Features of Salesforce Consulting Services:

Salesforce Expertise: Salesforce Consulting Services are delivered by experienced and certified Salesforce Consultants. These professionals possess in-depth knowledge of Salesforce solutions, industry best practices, and emerging trends.

Customization and Configuration: Salesforce Consulting Services offer extensive customization and configuration capabilities. Consultants work closely with businesses to understand their unique requirements and tailor Salesforce to meet their needs. Integration

Capabilities: Salesforce Consulting Services facilitate seamless integration between Salesforce and other systems, such as marketing automation platforms, ERP systems, or customer support tools.

Best Practices and Guidance: Salesforce Consulting Services provide businesses with best practices and guidance for leveraging Salesforce effectively. Consultants offer insights and recommendations based on industry expertise, helping businesses optimize their Salesforce usage, improve data quality, and implement CRM strategies that drive growth.

Scalability and Flexibility: Salesforce Consulting Services ensures businesses can scale their Salesforce implementation as their needs evolve. Consultants design solutions that accommodate business growth, anticipate future requirements, and provide flexibility to adapt to changing market dynamics.

Why Choose Enterlogix for Salesforce Consulting Services?

Enterlogix stands out as the preferred choice for Salesforce Consulting Services. Here’s why:

Experience and Expertise: Enterlogix brings extensive experience in Salesforce consulting and implementation.

Tailored Solutions: We understand that each business has unique requirements. Enterlogix provides tailored Salesforce solutions that address specific business challenges, ensuring optimal results and a seamless fit with existing processes.

Comprehensive Services: Our Salesforce Consulting Services cover the entire spectrum, from initial planning and implementation to ongoing optimization and support. We provide end-to-end solutions that empower businesses to maximize their Salesforce investment.

Proven Methodologies: Enterlogix follows industry best practices and proven methodologies in Salesforce consulting. Our structured approach ensures project success, timely delivery, and high customer satisfaction.

Customer-Centric Approach: At Enterlogix, we prioritize our customers’ success. We foster strong partnerships, actively listen to our client’s needs, and provide dedicated support throughout the Salesforce journey.

Salesforce Experts

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional question, let us know!

Salesforce may be confusing with all the available clouds and all the available options, but just like many other things, you can pick up the platform quickly, but may take a lifetime to master. We help set up users/admins/developers with the proper building blocks so that they can be set up for success.

Salesforce consultants are not only experts of Salesforce, but consultants are also experienced in your niche industry. We not only recommend the latest standards, but we can also work with companies custom processes to cater to specific needs. With consultants involved, you'll be able to ramp up and down for any size projects you need.

We take a deep dive analysis into finding the problems for your Salesforce process with interviews with business and technical teams. From these interviews, we'll be able to create recommendations, prioritizations and business impacts of all open issues / business improvements processes.

We run a very transparent operation and work with users however often we need. There will be weekly progress reports and milestones to make sure everyone is aligned and no one works outside of our specified requirements.

Customer satisfaction is our number 1 goal, if there are processes that are asked for us to implement where we don't believe we bring value, we will let you know. We proactively bring recommendations and are very careful of timelines agreed upon, we make sure we are transparent with any schedule discrepancies.

Yes, but we like to go through the whole process of migrating from Salesforce classic to Salesforce Lightning. Our main question to our clients are, what are you looking to achieve by migrating to Salesforce Lightning? Is everyone onboard with using Lightning? Salesforce is no longer developing new features on Classic, what features are you wanting on Lightning?

If everything is good, proper analysis with implementation gameplan would begin.