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What makes us the CRM Artist you need to succeed? 

Enterlogix is a Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce consulting company headquartered in Houston, Texas with offices in Austin, Dallas, San Francisco, Denver and Tampa.

We are here to support your business and it’s growth – from planning software that will move the needle, to developing that software and supporting you through the entire rollout.

Sales Management

Sales teams are vital to any organization, we make sure sales teams have all tools available at their disposal. Our advanced CRM administrators, CRM application architects, and CRM Sales Cloud Consultants checklist includes:

-Lead, contact, account, and opportunity management
-Milestones per lead
-Sales pipeline visualization
-Anomaly detection
-Sentiment analysis

Customer Service Automation

Customer Service is the lifeline in the business world. They're the team that is the face of the organization and create brand loyalty, customer satisfaction should be a top priority, our Service Cloud Consultant provide:

-Channel-agnostic customer care
-AI voice assistants
-Loyalty management
-Service peronalization
-Self-service options

Marketing Automation

Having a great marketing automation will increase visibility into your company. With an optimized marketing optimization process in place, custom campaigns to targeted audiences will increase open and clickthrough emails creating more traffic to your site to generate more Sales Qualified Leads:

-Automated customer data collection
-Cross-channel campaigns
-Marketing asset management
-Customer journey analytics
-Content personalization


eCommerce will help scale any company by increasing automation. If your site has great traffic with great products, you'll be able to guide the users through the a no touch buying experience:

-Single view of the customer
-Order management
-Product information consolidation
-Personalized campaigns
-AI-powered recommendations
-Global Commerce Localization


Why Enterlogix

Our Services

Our experienced and committed business professionals-from consultants, business analysts, and project managers to system architects, application developers, and data modelers, as well as trainers and on-call support personnel-become an integral component of your project team.


Our certified CRM Experts will develop customized solutions for your team.

Business Process Analysis &

Most businesses can improve their overall efficiency (and profitability) if they analyze their existing processes, identify gaps and shortfalls, and implement improvements.


Our team of application and technology experts will get to work, performing a series of carefully planned and coordinated activities that are essential to providing your business with a successful solution.

Maintenance &

Once your system is live, we want to ensure your continued success. Our support services include system maintenance and optimization, system upgrades, and call center support.

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